Posted 3 days ago

My parents are putting a shower in the basement (where I’m staying right now). It’s coming along nicely! #renovation #remodel #newshower #soIwon’thavetousemyparentsanymore

Posted 1 week ago

Had no power at work for a couple hours this morning, so I did some anatomy studies and sketches. #art #sketch #study

Posted 1 week ago

Putting my IPs thru an important test and sadly, some of them failed. Some of them are still in very rough stages of development, but now I can fix all the ones that didn’t pass. #represent #writing #screenwriting

Posted 2 weeks ago

First official sunrise of living in California. Aaaand there are roosters. That’s different. #sunrise

Posted 3 weeks ago

My legs have been claimed by my friend’s cat.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Hehehehe #Se7en

Posted 3 weeks ago

Good bye my beautiful computer. I will see you again in two months. Sleep well. #tear #LAmove

Posted 3 weeks ago

Actually managed to back it into the driveway. Hardest part is over! #LAmove #letsdothis

Posted 4 weeks ago

It’s been awhile since I shared my wall of motivation. It’s grown some more lol. Took a que from @dylanpierpont and started adding other people’s achievements as inspiration. And I’m now including motivational and supportive things people have said to me personally. I also laminated everything, so it will last longer! :D #letsdothis #motivationboard #inspiration

Posted 1 month ago

Hahaha I can’t believe I caught her actually looking at the camera. She’s always trying her hardest to wiggle out of frame #dogbuddy #cuddletime